Helping parents shine.

Parenting is a tough gig. You love your kids and want the best for them, but these big emotions can sometimes push your buttons! And how are you meant to deal with it anyway, especially when there is so much information out there? We are bombarded with information all the time, especially if we look at social media.

With Celia’s nurturing guidance, parents can learn to shift away from traditional authoritarian and control-based parenting approaches and embrace a more positive, connection and needs-based approach to parenting. This approach is not only backed by current research, but it also helps develop children’s autonomy and emotional resilience, creating a more fulfilling family life.


  • Your kids to listen
  • Stronger relationships
  • To stop yelling
  • Confidence in a variety of situations
  • Tools and strategies that work

Celia is amazing. She creates a safe place to support and nurture you through your own journey as a parent. She has great strategies and tools for delving into the experience. I always felt like I was moving at my pace and in control of the process. Her insights and reflections reveal her presence as a coach which felt like she was fully engaged in the process as well. I can highly recommend Celia as a parent coach. Thank you so much.

Jenny, Parent of 10 & 12-year-old


  • Big Emotions
  • Challenging Behaviours
  • Screen Challenges
  • Not taking no for an Answer
  • School Refusal
  • Sibling Struggles
  • Bullying
  • Advocating for ‘Naughty’ children in schools
  • Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships
  • How to be a more Playful Parenting
  • Building Resilience


  • Overwhelm, Exhaustion and Mental Load
  • Re-defining Your Identity After Children
  • Small Business Entrepreneur Coaching

By being playful in our communications and our actions we are connecting to our children through the language they know best and can overcome many of the everyday challenges we are presented with.


Celia originally studied Outdoor Education which gave her both practical application of working with students and importantly the theory to back it up. Over the past 24 years of working with students from high school, primary school and pre-school children, this has given her a great understanding of child development and challenging behaviours.

Over this time she has taken a special interest in helping parents to understand how children grow and develop, how to stay connected through challenging behaviours and to advocate for their children in the current education system. 

With two strong willed children herself and one with possible neurodiversities, she has worked through her own parenting challenges with coaches so she could be the parent she wants to be.

Celia believes that everyone has the potential to shine and wants to help parents shine a light on themselves and their children. Parenting is not easy and with some practical support, tools and mindset shifting, Celia will help you make that 1-degree shift that is needed, to make the changes to connect deeper with your children and yourself as a parent.

She has completed a certificate in breakthrough life coaching and abundance coaching, worked with a variety of clients as part of her training and spent a year training as a Peaceful Parenting Instructor through the Peaceful Parent Institute.


As your coach, I am committed to you and your family’s journey. I will be present and curious giving you my full attention.

I ask the hard questions and challenge you with kindness and free from judgment. I am here to guide you to courageously move forward in your parenting journey and help you shine.

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What People Are Saying

An absolutely valuable session. I went in not expecting much and I have come out with some huge Aha moments and a clear direction. I have so much clarity. Thank you so much Celia, I am so grateful.

Jenny, Parent

Having the privilege of watching my son at Bush Kindy the last couple of terms has reinforced the need for kids to have time for free play and access to nature.
We’re a “time poor” household so the ability to go to a place at an organised time that allows him to explore in a relaxed way and in his own time is invaluable to us.
Vickie, Parent

My son and I love to come to Little Kiwis Nature Play. I feel we are both discovering new things together and we connect and find joy in the unfurling of adventures.

Tamara, Parent

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