Are you a parent who knows the kind of parent you want to be, but is struggling to turn that vision into reality?

Say goodbye to feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty, and hello to a sense of confidence and capability in you as the awesome parent you aspire to be.

Develop the emotional resilience and presence needed to foster a stronger connection with your children and create a more calm and supportive family environment.

Let me help you shine as the parent you know you can be.

What I Offer

With Celia’s nurturing guidance, parents can learn to shift away from traditional authoritarian and control-based parenting approaches and embrace a more positive, connection and needs-based approach to parenting.

This approach is not only backed by current research, but it also helps develop children’s autonomy and emotional resilience, creating a more fulfilling family life.

Parent Coaching

1:1 coaching for parents either as individuals or as a couple. Zoom or face to face if you you live in Christchurch.

Online Course & Group Coaching

Coming soon…

Parent Talks and Workshops

Engaging talks for schools, ECE centres and parenting groups as well as some public talks.

About Me

Kia ora, my name is Celia Hogan and I am a very passionate child advocate who loves to help parents to be their child’s cheer leader!

When I had my first child in 2015 I was given a parenting book to read. I was so excited by this lovely ‘structured book’ and thought how easy and my baby would just ‘follow along’…on day 3 I closed that book and never looked back.

I followed my intuition and let my baby lead me while I read as many books and research articles as I could gain an even deeper understanding of child development, connection, playfulness and unconditional love.

When I started running my Bush Kindy I enjoyed sharing my philosophy with parents and as time went on I started receiving calls from parents who were having problems and looking for help. So I trained as an abundance life coach and then as a peaceful parenting instructor through the Peaceful Parent Institute.

With a background of 25 years in the education sector and a passion for nature, play and building emotional resilience, I weave this into my coaching as nature is a wonderful regulator of emotions and great for everyone’s well-being.

Common Parenting Challenges

Celia supports parents with a range of challenges including and not limited to:

  • Big emotions
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Screen challenges
  • Not listening
  • Yelling
  • Not taking no for an answer
  • School Refusal
  • Sibling Struggles
  • Bullying
  • Advocating for ‘Naughty’ children in schools
  • Strengthening Parent-Child Relationship


  • Overwhelm, Exhaustion and Mental Load
  • Re-defining your identity as a Mum after children
  • Small Business Entrepreneur Coaching

By being playful in our communications and our actions we are connecting to our children through the language they know best and can overcome many of the everyday challenges we are presented with.


As your coach, I am committed to you and your family’s journey. I will be present and curious giving you my full attention.

I ask the hard questions and challenge you with kindness and free from judgment. I am here to guide you to courageously move forward in your parenting journey and help you shine. 

What People Are Saying

Celia was invaluable at helping me understand the dynamics that were occuring in my relationships both with my children and with surrounding whānau. I was really grateful for her unhurried and reflective questioning which ultimately led me to making my own connections with the problems I was faced with. She then was able to give me solid strategies that were immediately reflected in both my children’s behaviours and an improvement in my own well being!

Katrina, Parent

An absolutely valuable session. I went in not expecting much and I have come out with some huge Aha moments and a clear direction. I have so much clarity. Thank you so much Celia, I am so grateful.

Jean, Parent

Celia is amazing. She creates a safe place to support and nurture you through your own journey as a parent. She has great strategies and tools for delving into the experience. I always felt like I was moving at my pace and in control of the process. Her insights and reflections reveal her presence as a coach which felt like she was fully engaged in the process as well. I can highly recommend Celia as a parent coach. Thank you so much.

Jenny, Parent

Talks and Workshops

Building Resilience through Risky Play

The number of hours that children play outdoors each day is decreasing year on year. Even when our children want to go and climb a tree they are told they can’t or that they mustn’t climb higher than the ‘red line’. What are our children missing out on through not being able to experience risk in a controlled environment, push their comfort zones and challenge their abilities?

Risky play is an essential part of helping our children to build resilience, which is the ability to cope with the challenges of life. Children need regular opportunities to engage in age-appropriate risky play to help develop not only resilience but also emotional regulation, risk-assessment skills, problem solving, social skills and communication skills.

During the talk I will cover what risky play is, the impacts of wrapping our children in cotton wool, the benefits of more time spent outside and our role as adults and teachers in risky play activities. We will finish with some practical ideas on how to bring more risky play into the lives of your children while improving their mental health and resilience.

Talk is 90 minute and is an interactive talk facilitated by Celia Hogan

Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviours

Being able to understand what a child’s behaviour is communicating, and how we communicate in those times, is a wonderful skill to have. In this workshop we will explore how we can communicate to create balance and harmony through mindful, respectful communication skills.
We will cover what challenging behaviours might be communicating, what to expect at different ages and stages from a neuroscience perspective, the importance of role modelling positive communication techniques, and some communication tools and strategies to support adults to bring calm to themselves and to the situation.
There will be a mix of conversation, hands on learning and listening, using small group work, scenarios and your own real-world situations that we can work through.
Using these strategies will not only help you during these tricky times but it will also support your children’s emotional resilience giving them skills for life in regulating their emotions and overcoming frustrations and challenges in respectful ways.
Celia will adapt this workshop to suit the audience whether made up of parents, teachers, educators or a mix.
This workshop is 2.5 hours

Screens: What your Child’s Brain isn’t Telling You:

Screens are common place in our lives. At home, at work, in schools, at restaurants and even in prams and the back of the car. Screens have replaced outdoor play. But what is the impact of this on the developing brain and our children’s overall well-being? What role do play as adults and advocates for our children?

During this workshop we will look at:

  • What the research says
  • Adult role modelling
  • Content v time on screens
  • Age for screens
  • Strategies for reducing screentime
  • Importance of play

Talk is 90 minute and is an interactive talk

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