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Welcome to Little Kiwis Nature Play

Many ECE and school teachers, managers and principals want to confidently take the children in their care outdoors. But they’re not sure where to start. And they need to make sure everyone’s on the same page to successfully bring nature into their teaching environment.

At Little Kiwis Nature Play, we run nature-based education professional training and workshops, online courses and teacher only days – specific to your ECE centre or school.

That inspire and motivate teachers and parents to confidently take children outdoors to nature instead of being stuck inside wondering where to begin.

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Play in the Outdoor Classroom e-Course will help you to feel confident teaching in the outdoor classroom. Covering essential theory and backed by practical strategies, tips and ideas that help you develop an outdoor classroom that supports your curriculum and your students will love.


Here is a great interview from RNZ Nine to Noon hosted by Cathryn Ryan where Celia Hogan is talking all about the benefits of Nature Play.

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Professional Development

We offer practical workshops that build confidence and help support teachers who are wanting to use the outdoor classroom more, or for those who are setting up a bush kindy or one day school.

Customised Training and Support

We provide customised on request workshops which are great for those who want to offer some professional development to their teachers in their own environment. 

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My First Bush Kindy Case Study

Are you an ECE teacher interested in the Bush Kindergarten movement and INSPIRED to find out more?

Find out how a New Zealand kindergarten ran their very first BUSH KINDY session and what they observed and learnt along the way.

Download your free CASE STUDY today!

What People Are Saying

Celia has a real passion and a lot of knowledge around getting children exploring their natural environments outside. The sessions that Celia runs are inspiring too. Highly recommend.

Rachel M.

An outstanding presentation of an approach to learning that is desperately needed in these times of mental health fragility among our young people.


Thanks for leading such a great discussion, I really think it cemented the evening to our NZ context especially in terms of which direction we want our education sector to head in.



Schema and Children’s Play

Schema and Children’s Play

Schema or play urges are often described as repeated patterns of behaviour.  By repeating actions over and over, just like with the examples above, children are gathering information of that particular play urge, to store in their brain.

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The Importance of Risky Play

The Importance of Risky Play

Risky play is a key element of a child’s development and wellbeing. Find out the benefits, what the 8 elements of risky play are and how you can support risky play in your environment.

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Resilience: What Coming Last Taught Me

Resilience: What Coming Last Taught Me

A running race has nothing to do with nature play. Nature play isn’t just about playing in nature. It is about preparing us mentally to navigate the world before us. This is a story on mindset, resilience and courage. Come join me…

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