Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviours

Being able to understand what a child’s behaviour is communicating, and how we communicate in those times, is a wonderful skill to have. In this workshop we will explore how we can communicate to create balance and harmony through mindful, respectful communication skills.

We will cover what challenging behaviours might be communicating, what to expect at different ages and stages from a neuroscience perspective, the importance of role modelling positive communication techniques, and some communication tools and strategies to support adults to bring calm to themselves and to the situation.

There will be a mix of conversation, hands on learning and listening, using small group work, scenarios and your own real-world situations that we can work through.

Using these strategies will not only help you during these tricky times but it will also support your children’s emotional resilience giving them skills for life in regulating their emotions and overcoming frustrations and challenges in respectful ways.

Celia will adapt this workshop to suit the audience whether made up of parents, teachers, educators or a mix.

What You Will Gain


An understanding of what challenging behaviours can be communicating


Knowledge on different ages and stages from a neuroscience perspective


Ideas on how to connect with children to support regulation of emotions


Techniques for role modelling positive communication


Communication tools and strategies to support adults


Real examples to work through and an oppotunity to share

Further Information


1/2 Day Workshop approx 2-3 hours depending on needs


A mix of both theory and practical – mainly inside but if venues or time allows, some outdoor time might be taken.


Refreshements are NOT provided to help keep costs down

Investment, Dates and Locations


$30 – $45 per person

Who Are Your Trainers

CELIA HOGAN is the founder of Little Kiwis Nature Play based in Christchurch. Celia is a passionate advocate for getting children outdoors and into nature. With over 25 years of outdoor and nature education experience, she runs Bush Kindy sessions for preschoolers in Christchurch and runs professional learning and development for ECE and Primary teachers, educators and parents. Celia loves to share her knowledge to help others better their practice and she stands behind the concept that there is never just one way to do things. Celia is currently trying to change legislation to allow full time bush kindergartens to start in New Zealand.

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