Spring is most definitely here and school holidays are just around the corner for some! Whether your ECE centre closes down over the holidays or stays open its always great to celebrate all things spring! New growth, new life, the colours – and the amazing smells! So here is a short list of things to do, find and make during the spring season. Whether you are at an ECE centre or at home with the kids this list will help you bring nature to your backyard!

Find and smell a spring flower or make one out of paper or paper plates.

Find a tree or bush with some new spring buds or leaves. Describe what you see.

Look for a bird’s nest. Can you hear any birds? Show me how a bird hops.

Lie on the ground and look for shapes in the clouds.

Have story time outside.

Go for a bare foot walk around the yard and feel the different textures.

Have a spring picnic – have the children help make some scones for morning or afternoon tea and then set up a picnic blanket and enjoy them outside!

Go on a colour hunt. Look at all the plants outside – how many different colours can you see?

Make playdoh and press the pine cones into the playdoh and look at the different patterns.

Hide pine cones around the back yard and the children have to search for them. Then make something with then once they are all found.

Make a sand forest using sticks, flowers, leaves, pine cones. You can create paths and hills and bring in some wildlife.

Describe a farm animal. Can you make the sound it makes? Or get one of the children to make the sound of an animal and everyone else guesses.

Make a hut. You can use sticks, a tarp and rope, or blankets

Can you see a blossom tree – what does it look like or smell like? If you can’t see one can you draw one?

Make a vegetable garden. If you plant any seedlings straight into your garden you will need to give them protection from the frost. Canterbury Show weekend signifies when you should can plant your seeds and not worry about the frost.


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