What I Do

I am about getting children outdoors and into nature.

To do this I help busy, time restricted ECE teachers embed a nature based outdoor philosophy into their centre and by the end of it they will be asking

‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’


My Philosophy

I believe we are all better people when we spend quality time outdoors and in nature. We owe it to our mental health, our physical health and our general well-being to spend time in nature and allow it to heal us. It is by far the best medicine out there, and of course laughter – that’s a pretty good medicine too!

I gain balance in my life by being able to spend time outside. It calms me, it invigorates me, it teaches me and it helps me to feel connected to both my children and the natural environment. Our senses become alive in nature.

“The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.” Richard Louv


My Goals

  • To provide knowledge and support to ECE centres who want to set up regular bush kindergarten days for their centre
  • To inspire ECE teachers to get their children outdoors and into nature
  • Be the go-to company in New Zealand for Professional development and support for nature programmes and setting up and running bush kindergartens
  • To set up a Bush Kindergarten in the Avon Otakaro River Corridor (The Red Zone)

Professional Development

We provide Nature Education for ECE and primary teachers in New Zealand. We help you to develop your practical skills and become more aligned and confident in your outdoor environment.

Want to set-up a bush kindy programme?

We can help develop or provide your centre with the systems, check-lists, knowledge and confidence to set-up a kiwi style nature programme for your ECE centre or school.

Nature Play Pre-Schooler Day

Aimed at pre-schoolers during school holidays, this is an opportunity for children to learn, play, discover and explore a local park with its many play features, during a morning of nature play.

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